The Specific Date activation lets you activate the data event on a date of your choice. You will be asked to chose the date for the activation when you enrol your subject to your study. 

The data event activation dates have to be in chronological order, meaning that the second event has to occur after the first event and so on.

Reschedule data event

You can always reschedule a data event if you determine that data collection is not possible on the first scheduled date. You can reschedule a data event to be activated on today's date or a day in the future if you have the “Reschedule” permission. 

To reschedule a data event, go to the site overview and click on the data event of interest. A new window will open, click on the “Reschedule Data Event” button.

A new window will appear and here you need to specify the new activation date of interest and if you want to apply the reschedulement for only the current data event or for all data events. If the reschedulement is applied for all subsequent data events, there will be a shift in the time of activation for all subsequent data events. The shift is determined by the difference between the original activation date and the rescheduled activation date. If the difference for instance is +7 days this means that all data events will be activated 7 days later than each data event originally was scheduled to be activated at. 

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